Here it is! Dozens of Famous Brand Companies Using WordPress

Well-known brands / companies that use WordPress — WordPress CMS is getting more and more users day by day, the community is getting busier and of course this brings up a lot of resources. We can find various things related to wordpress easily on search engine websites such as google, bing or yahoo.

WordPress is currently used by 60.7% of CMS users worldwide and that means it controls 23.5% of all websites on the internet (info from This figure is very far behind its closest competitor, Joomla, which is only used by 7.4% of CMS users.

Today’s wordpress users are not just individuals who want to have blogs, but large-scale websites with busy visitor traffic are also using wordpress as their platform. This is of course due to the ease and flexibility of wordpress itself.

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The following are some large-scale websites with very high traffic that use wordpress. Eistt…. The web design tutorial website that you are reading also uses wordpress, you know. – Alexa 349

Blog about the world of the web and technology – Alexa 1203

News website about technology and startup – Alexa 332

Fast news websites, reviews, politics, blogs, photos, etc – Alexa 111

Outbrain is the world’s largest and most trusted content discovery platform. Find What’s Next. – Alexa 1516

Zedo is quite a widely used advertising platform – Alexa 389

This website is often known as a URL shortening website which is widely used by bloggers or other website managers. – Alexa 468

A website for a game developer company that is quite well-known that provides content in the form of free games for game mania – Alexa 659

Magazine website that discusses computer / information technology and of course including the latest gadgets – Alexa 2071

Online magazine website for professional web designers & developers

Mercedes-Benz – Alexa 13360

The website of a car manufacturer that is quite famous around the world – Alexa 126,571

The website of an American artist/singer who is very popular with young people, hm…beautiful for sure.

The New Yorker – Alexa 1342

Weekly online magazine that covers political issues and often interviews about politics – Alexa 14,539

BBC America news website

Top WordPress Brands

A row of other well-known websites that have quite a lot of other visitors who also use wordpress are as follows:

The Official Star Wars Blog
Sony Music
MTV News
ebay Inc
Best Buy
ESPN Product Blog
Nokia Conversations
Ford Social
Time Inc.
Facebook Newsroom
The New York Times Company
Marks & Spencer for Business
Google Ventures
Harvard Business Review Blogs
Larry King Liveblog
The Official Rackspace Blog
Philips DirectLife Coach Blog
ExpressJet Airlines
Inside BlackBerry
Rotary Means Business – Rotary Club
The Rolling Stones
The Walking Dead – AMC
The Mozilla Blog
Web Designer Depot
The Wall Street Journal Law Blog
Dallas Mavericks
Snoop Dogg
SAP News Center
Wolverine Worldwide
Reuters Blogs
Enterprise Magazine UK
The Rolling Stones
Web Design Tutorials
Justin Timberlake
Usain Bolt (The fastest man in the world uses WordPress :p)
Van Heusen
Boise State University
UK Metro
Those are some large-scale websites that use wordpress that we have collected, there are many more actually websites that use wordpress, if you want to know more maybe you can see it on the wordpress showcase page (

So there is no harm in using wordpress as your website platform, because large and well-known websites also use wordpress.