Understanding the Difference between Posts and Pages on a Website

Understanding the difference between Page and Post before you create a website is certainly very necessary, so that you don’t make the wrong and don’t make mistakes in interpreting their respective functions.

Pages or pages usually contain static data where the amount is usually not much, does not change often, even only once a year is usually rare. Examples of this page are the About Us, Vision, Mission and similar pages.

Pages usually do not contain news information that is added to the website on a regular basis, because these pages are permanent.

Pages are usually defined so that they can always be accessed from the front page. Some people build their entire website with just one page, or even just one page, this happens for websites that require little content, and usually this type of website is popular or often used on small-scale websites that sometimes just want an online brochure.

Difference between Post and Page
Difference Between Post and Page in WordPress

Posts usually contain semantic information and the chronology is arranged, added periodically, it can be every day, sometimes even every minute, like on news websites. Post can be used to write news, reports of an event or an event, or the results of a match, and the like.