Advantages of Writing

Before you write or become a guest author at maybe you will ask questions like this,

“Why am I writing on this website? What’s the point of writing here?”

Many readers ask such questions via inbox, email, and some comments on the web.

In the following, we will mention some of the advantages for the writers whose writings we publish.

  1. Installing Website Links
    The author can enter a personal website address in the profile section of the administrator page, so that the link and website name will appear in every post published on this website, with a link to the personal website, the author’s website automatically gets a dofollow backlink for free (good for website SEO). your personal).

Sample Bio at the bottom of the article
Figure 1 – Sample Bio at the bottom of the article

  1. Can Install Links to Social Media Accounts
    Authors can enter links to social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc., so that every author’s writing that we publish will be attached (See Figure 1).
  2. Can Put Banners
    The author can put a banner measuring (542px × 150px) so that the banner will appear on the author’s profile page, the banner will be linked directly to the author’s website address, then the author’s website will automatically get a free backlink again (good for SEO).

Example of Author Profile Page
Figure 1. Example of Author Profile Page (seohokjie)

  1. Enter Biodata
    The author can include a brief bio about himself to be better known by the readers.
  2. We will post your article to Social Media Accounts
    Articles written by the authors will be distributed to social media such as Twitter and Facebook which have quite a lot of followers.

Twitter page @tut_web
Figure 3 – Twitter page @tut_web

  1. Your Article is Read by Many People has more than 115,000 Page Views per month, so your website is very likely to be read by many people, the writing that is read may lead readers to your website, because of the link to your website.

Visitor Statistics January 2014
Visitor Statistics January 2014

Meanwhile, data from Jetpack shows that the average daily visitors of Tutorial-Webdesign.Com is between 4000 to +4800. There are many opportunities for your articles to be read, the opportunities for readers to go to your personal website can also be many.

Jetpack Stats
Jetpack Stats

  1. Other Benefits.
    There are many more benefits by sharing knowledge at, one of the other advantages is that your knowledge will increase because you have shared your knowledge, so you will be encouraged to seek new knowledge again, and don’t forget the reward you get by sharing with others.

so much

Those are some of the advantages of writing on, if you are interested in becoming a writer here, please register yourself, and immediately submit your article.